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In today's market it's
harder than ever to
find a good renter!
Along with all the usual tenant problems like evictions, unauthorized pets and past criminal history, you now have to deal with a new set of renter problems:
  • Those who have walked away from a home they owned
  • Those who have been laid off for extended periods of time and are collecting unemployment
  • Deciding which bad entries on a credit report are real problems and which are not
At Corazon Property Management, we can offer you a little more safety in the current rental environment with this 90-day Guarantee:
  • If a tenant we locate does not perform as promised in their rental agreement, Corazon Reno Property Management will pay the legal costs associated with either getting the tenant back on track or removing them from the property.
  • This 90-day guarantee applies to new clients who sign either a 'Tenant Location' or 'Full Management' agreement for a single-family home
  • This guarantee is good for those who sign up between May 1, 2010 and August 31, 2010.
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